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Glee: First Listen Monday “Naked”

Posted on January 28, 2013 by

Glee is returning this thursday with “Naked,” where the boys of New Direction will strip down for a “men of McKinley” calendar, and Rachel Berry will deal with contemplating a topless role. Thankfully Rachel will get some advisement in the form of Quinn and Santana who come to visit. In fangirl speak this can be translated as: OMGDARRENCRISSSHIRTLESS and FABERRY +QUINTANA+ PEZZBERRY= FAPEZBERRY. Me? I’m just really excited about the music and am counting on seeing how the Kurt/Adam date goes. Okay…maybe I’m a little excited for the three girls to be reunited too. Rachel is getting annoyingly ahead of herself. Santana and Quinn seem to like slapping people… hopefully they put their slaps to good use and give Ms Berry a reality check.

Love Song – Sara Bareilles

Looks like Quinn and Santana are back? It’s hard to believe these three have never sang together just as a trio…their voices sound incredible together. This song is amazing as is, but Glee’s rendition blows me away. Their harmonies and Lea’s spontaneous belt give me goosbumps. It’s just so good, I can’t deal. I feel this song will be a result of Santana and Quinn giving Rachel advice about her looming topless scene and weither or not she should go through with it. Knowing Santana, I think she will encourage Rachel to take a risk.  I think this is my favourite song of the bunch. I just hope this all means Santana will fall in love with NYC and want to stay there.

Let Me Love You (Until you learn to love yourself) – NeYo

Well hi to you too Jake Puckerman. Let us love you please? This song is overplayed and can get seriously annoying but the fact they slowed it down to really make it sound like a ballad does wonders for the song. My prediction is that this is Jake serenading Marley telling her to love herself after he finds out about her battle with bulimia…or him just reassuring her that she is the only girl for him. Will Ryder tell him? Who knows.

A Thousand Years – Christina Perri ft. Steve Kazee

Marley and Jake just keep getting cuter and cuter. This song is SO sweet. My guess is that this song happens after Jake serenades Marley who is having issues trusting him, and that they sing when she finally realizes she can trust him and feel secure in their relationship. Jarley duets are definitely one of the greatest things this season. The “You Drive me Crazy/ Crazy” mashup from the Britney episode was also amazing. I am getting a cavity from the sweetness of this song.

Centerfold/ Hot In Herre – The J. Geils Band/Nelly 

This will definitely be a fun choir room number in honour of the calendar that feature the scantily clad boys. Either that, or the song will play as we see the calendar photo shoot happen. Either way, this song is so much fun and takes me back to back when Nelly was relevant. This is such a fun song…however I do wish they didn’t mash up the two songs because “Hot In Herre” is a song that can easily stand on it’s own. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers and this is bound to be a great performance.

Torn – Ednaswap

I know how this song will play out. Rachel Berry will duet with Rachel Berry. Yes. You don’t get more Rachel Berry than that. The new hot shot NYC Rachel Berry will duet with old school loafers, animal sweaters and pleated skirts Lima, Ohio Rachel Berry. I’m pretty sure Barbra Streisand has duetted with herself at one point? Would not surprise me. Regardless, what can you ever say about a Rachel duet other than “wow.” Her voice never fails to leave me warm and tingly inside. I feel this is going to be an intense performance full of derp faces and crying…it’s Rachel Berry. It’s bound to happen.

This is the New Year –  – Ian Axel

Ryan Murphy already released this scene, and it was full of Jarley adorableness and the team of New Direction being lovey dovey and feel good. One of those feel good friendship songs where everyone is hugging and holding hands. Think back to “We are Young” and “My Love is Your Love.” Seems slightly out of place in an episode about well… nakedness. Thats okay. We forgive you Ryan Murphy, because like…thanks for those half nacked pictures of Darren, Chord, and Blake. We bow down to you.

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