Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Manly Soap

Posted on January 27, 2013 by

Just in case you have no idea what to get your man for Valentine’s Day this year, why not get him a bar of ManHands soap?

ManHands soap is exactly what you think it is — some manly smelling soap that isn’t Axe deodorant. It comes in 19 different scents including the three B’s: beer, baseball and bacon. There are also a couple of scents that you may end up liking as well, such as buttered popcorn, fresh cut grass and obsession cologne (“A refreshing, oriental, woody fragrance”).

It’s the least you can do for watching him sweat while trying to plan something special. It’s also a really good way to tell him Axe is not Febreeze; spraying it on everything will not make it smell better. It just creates a toxic cloud of nose-burning fumes. Seriously, stop that shit.

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