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Petition the White House to make the Monday after the Super Bowl a National Holiday

Posted on January 27, 2013 by

You think after such petitions like “Build a Death Star” and “deport Piers Morgan,” you would think the U.S.A. government would finally realize that their petitions website has become a breeding ground for idiots and trolls (which, by the way, are not mutually exclusive).

The latest stupid petition: “Declare the Monday following the Super Bowl a national holiday.” Apparently, “There’s no reason not to sign this. If you don’t sign this, you hate America.”

At the present moment, it has garnered just over 7,500 signatures since it’s inception on January 24th.

While I understand that people need the morning after to recover from their day of beer-drinking and nacho-munching debauchery, it doesn’t exactly warrant a national holiday. It’s not the government’s fault you can’t control your glutinous ways.

Just drink a lot of water before you go to bed (number one cause of hangovers is dehydration) and you should be good to go the next day.

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