Mice Steal Weed from Kansas Police

Posted on January 27, 2013 by

According to Kansas’ KMBC News, Wichita, Kansas police were perplexed when three bags of Marijuana in their storage facility were torn open with some of the evidence gone missing.

The police department first thought that someone had tampered with the evidence. But after a quick investigation, they came to the conclusion that the police facility was also home to a couple of stoner mice.

The mice had chewed through the bags, nested in them and then ate some of the weed. The incident is not totally uncommon because of weed’s strong scent.

The kicker in this story had to be that the police felt compelled to create suspect renderings to alert the public of these wanted fugitives.

The whole ordeal sounds like the next Seth Rogan stoner comedy, which (in my mind) should be a mix between Disney’s Ratatouille, Pineapple Express, and for added creepiness and drama, The Brave Little Toaster. You can send the cheque to me, Rogan, when Judd Apatow decides to pick up the project.

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