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Kanye West tweets inspirational words…and we don’t know why

Posted on January 26, 2013 by


There’s never a dull moment with Kanye West.  A reason why I follow him on Twitter is because I want to witness every single Twitter rampage he goes on. From tweeting information about his entrepreneurial business DONDA to his philosophical questions about the word “bitch“, the rapper is certainly not short of providing his fans with some well-needed entertainment. (It’s just too bad he deletes his tweets after)

But heading on the social networking site yesterday, the rapper didn’t have to do much to confuse/inspire his fans. Tweeting a series of obscure tweets featuring words like: “Awesomeness”,  “minimalism” and “soul,” one can’t seem to figure out what sparked this sudden urge. Was it impending fatherhood?  Is it a new song featuring one-word sentences? THIS IS A MYSTERY THAT NEEDS TO BE SOLVED!

I don’t quite know what any of this means.  But I sure miss the tweets Kanye used to have about  marble conference tables and fur pillows. They are actually so inspiring, that even Josh Groban felt compelled to make an album about it!

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