Stank breath prank at ‘Most Honest College in America’

Posted on January 25, 2013 by

Recently, Brigham Young University was named the most honest college in America so two YouTube pranksters decided to put the label to the test. They avoided brushing their teeth for 48 hours and ate blue cheese and onion for breakfast. Then they went around campus and asked various strangers to smell their breath.

Most people were good sports considering they just infiltrated various bubbles with their stank odor — especially the chick who agreed to kiss him! These are the same pranksters who did the mistletoe prank at Christmas. Would you smell their breath?

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One response to “Stank breath prank at ‘Most Honest College in America’”

  1. I like how they say 48 hours like that’s a really long time to not brush your teeth. First world problems…

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