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Glee returns with a Sadie Hawkins Dance

Posted on January 25, 2013 by

While Rachel and Kurt speed things up in New York, the glee club slows it down for McKinley’s first ever Sadie Hawkins dance.

Ladies choice – It’s finally the girls’ turn to choose, and what better way to do it than through song and dance? Thanks to the brilliance of Tina, the kids treated us to a few adorable (if slightly awkward) reverse proposals, and Coach Beast helped a few teens from the “Too Young to be Bitter” club find the courage to go after what they truly want.

New York minute – Rachel ran full speed ahead into her relationship with Brody. Meanwhile, Kurt was searching for friends and found himself a new crush, Adam, the head of a show choir group on campus. I love that Kurt is finally happy and getting over Blaine, but Rachel is moving a little too fast for my liking. She and Brody just had their first sleepover – scandal alert! – and she’s already asked him to move in. Yikes.

Unrequited loveTina likes Blaine but Blaine likes Sam but Sam is going to the dance with Brittany so Blaine is going with Tina. Did you get all that? After humiliating her in front of the entire glee club by rejecting her dance proposal, Blaine agreed to go with the dance with Tina as friends, since he couldn’t go with his new crush, Sam. I don’t blame either of these two for their feelings. Nobody’s hair is better than Blaine’s. And Sam’s lips? Yes, please!

Taking it slow – Jake said yes after Marley asked him to the dance, but second-guessed himself when Kitty started making advances towards him. He sought the always sound advice of older brother/mentor Puck senior, who took care of the whole mess by taking care of Kitty… in the backseat of her car. This left just enough time for Marley and Jake to make it official.  We have a new glee power couple in our midst! FINALLY!!!

Beefed up birds – After reviewing footage of sectionals, Sam and Blaine became suspicious that the Warblers were using performance enhancing drugs to help lead them to their win. Their only evidence, however, seems to be a few photos and a cell phone video. Just as Finn said he needed more proof, one of the Warblers confirmed it, and they had all the evidence they needed. There’s only one problem: Will he testify against his team?

Best Performance: The glee boys’ rendition of “No Scrubs” by TLC.  The song choice says it all.

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