Prince Harry just became sexier

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In my family, I always find conversations about the Royal Family strange because my mom talks about Harry and William like she knows them personally. The other night I was watching BBC with my mom and they were going on about Prince Harry returning from his 20-week deployment in Afghanistan and she was all “oh boy, he really enjoyed being ‘one of the guys’ and having no special treatment overseas.” She was saying it as though he was her long lost nephew and they just chatted on the phone the day before.

ANYWAY, I don’t particularly mind conversations about Prince Harry in the first place because I’ve had a minor crush on him since I was in third grade. It must be something about that blazing red hair, disregard for authority, and being the charming underdog brother. Now there’s footage of him tearing off in the middle of an interview to “GET THE CHOPPA.”

Combined with the dramatic music, Harry is pretty much an action hero as he blazes off to what’s presumably warzone. Someone decided the only thing better than getting the “choppa” would be getting some ice cream. They messed around with the video and made it seem like he was running for the ice cream truck (above).

Ah, I love the internet gremlins.

Find the real version below


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