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PLL gasp: Spencer finds out Toby is on the A-Team!!!

Posted on January 23, 2013 by

This week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars “Misery is Company” made me  feel a whirlwind of emotions. I didn’t know if I should feel sad, scared, or happy. But if there’s one thing I’m happy about, it’s the fact that some secrets are finally out.

Just in case you missed it, here are five things that left me emotionally traumatized:

1. Meredith is a psycho — After last week’s episode we all assumed Meredith was an okay gal and would now help Aria go against the evil force that was formally known as Byron. Well, in this week’s episode we find out that Meredith really is a psycho and that we should have never let ourselves trust her for even a split second. This week she drugs Aria so she can find where Aria stashed the missing diary pages. Once Aria catches on to Meredith’s evil plan and tries to defend herself, Meredith outsmarts her and locks Aria and her friends in Aria’s basement until Byron gets home and finds them.

2. Byron didn’t kill Ali — Once Bryon gets home to find Aria and her friends locked in the basement, he explains he didn’t kill Ali. He also admits he did go see her the night of her murder but only to tell her he will no longer fall for her blackmail and if she wanted to tell Ella about his affair she could. After he finishes, he also tells Aria he saw Spencer’s sister Melissa that night. He then asks Aria if she believes him and when she says she doesn’t know, Bryon says he’ll confess to the police what he knows. This causes Aria to burn the diary pages and say that she believes him. So I guess this means Byron isn’t as creepy as we all thought…. for now.

3. Ali’s more then just a dream — When Aria was drugged by Meredith she had a dream that Ali was in her room. In this dream Ali told Aria to stop drinking Meredith’s tea and that Byron didn’t kill her. Any normal person would assume that this was just a hallucination. But in Aria’s dream, Ali put a doll on a table by Aria’s door and the strange thing is once Aria woke up the same doll was on that same table… could this actually mean Ali might be alive?

4. Spencer finds out Toby’s A — Even though Spencer and Toby aren’t my favorite couple, I was still heartbroken that Spencer had to find out that Toby was part of the A-team. But she handled it like the strong independent women that she is! Go Spencer!

5. Caleb and Paige join forces In this week’s episode, Caleb and Paige decide since The A-team is focusing only on the girls they should take it upon themselves to fight against The A-team. Even though I find their efforts cute they should know by now no one really can pull a fast one on A.

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