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Five Best Dressed: Sasha and Malia Obama are mini fashionistas

Posted on January 23, 2013 by

Hailee Steinfeld

What she’s wearing: The young actress made the smart choice to wear a Chanel argyle cardigan, black leather skirt with a yellow Chanel clutch to the 2013 Spring/Summer Chanel Haute Couture show during Parish Fashion Week.

Why we love it: Steinfeld is newsboy chic in this Chanel look, making me want to rock a newsboy cap even though I can’t pull it off (I have a large heads and hats never fit! Woe is me!). The argyle cardigan is classic Chanel preppy-chic, while the black leather skirt adds some va-va-voom to the entire outfit. She works the yellow accent colour well with her choice of a bright yellow Chanel bag. Steinfeld finishes off her look with Laboutin pumps, where you get a hint of some bold red colour from the brand’s signature red bottom heels.

A snap with the Kaiser himself! From Hailee’s Instagram account.

Takeaway: Hats can be a great way to accessorize your entire look and can be very functional too as they keep your head warm. So whether its purely functional or fashion, don’t count out hats since they can make some major fashion statements. Plus figuring out how to do your hair can be such a pain, so hats are a great option when you’re having a bad hair day!

Sasha and Malia Obama

What they’re wearing: The Obama sisters brightly stood out at their father’s second-term Presidential Inauguration Ceremony. Sasha braved the cold in this periwinkle Kate Spade wool coat, while older sis Malia opted for a lavender J. Crew coat.

Why we love it: The bright bold colours were such a welcome sight to see in the sea of blah coats and jackets during the Inauguration ceremony. Plus it was cool to see the sisters match as neither sister stood out over the other. However each sister got to rock their own colour and each worked the monochromatic trend well from head to toe! Sasha had matching periwinkle knit scarf and knit gloves with charcoal tights (not pictured), while Malia worked the different shades of purple from her knit scarf, wool coat, and tights (not pictured). Plus I want to steal Malia’s dark azure leather gloves– gimme now!

Malia shows offs her fly moves– a good way to keep warm.

Takeaway: Coats come in an array of colours nowadays so you can actually have a lot of fun with them. Since coats can be quite expensive try shopping for coats in January when most stores are starting to switch out their Winter apparel to make room for their new Spring apparel. Some coats will be considerably priced down so it’s a good opportunity to snatch a jacket now when they are cheaper.

Katy Perry

What she’s wearing: The popstar was not only spotted wearing a black and orange striped Rodarte woven coat at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration for President Barack Obama, but she was also spotted attending with on-again boyfriend John Mayer.

Why we love it: Another coat worth crushing over! Perhaps it’s because it has been -30°C to -20°C (-22°F to -4°F) where I live for the past week that I have had warm jackets on my mind, but nevertheless this woven coat is serving some major FASHAWN! The coat stands out with its bright colour and stripes plus all of those many little design detail from the shearling collar and bliack piping to the buttons, etc. Also Perry’s styling takes this to the next level  accessorizes with a black felt hat, sunglasses, a brown leather belt, and a Christian Laboutin bag.

I kinda wished Katy wore this under her coat. What a cool twitpic from Michelle Obama!

Takeaway: The Amish hat trend is still going on strong, and when I say Amish hat I mean wide-brimmed hat (but it’s hard not to think of the Amish when it comes to those hats). Felt hats are great for Fall and Winter, but don’t bust out your straw hats because that screams Spring and Summer! So even though fashion designers are currently showing their Spring and Summer collections, that doesn’t mean you have to switch out your winter wardrobe (it’s still January guys! Calm down!).

Pharrell Williams

What he’s wearing: Williams kept things cool at the LAX airport wearing a black Lanvin motorcycle jacket, a striped camo shirt, blue jeans, black Timbaland boots, and Ray-Bans.

Why we love it: Pharrell knows how to work the grunge-revival trend, and everything about this looks screams effortless-coolness! From that badass leather motorcycle jacket to those tough Timbaland boots, everything works! Pharrell’s striped camo tee is pretty unique as it mixes two popular patterns into one, and I love how he ties his flannel shirt around his waist! If that doesn’t scream 90s then I don’t know what does. Pharrell tops it off with a grey toque/beanie and Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Even Snoop Lion (Snoop Dogg 4ever in my heart!) applauds!

Takeaway: The 90s grunge revival is a great source of style inspiration for guys. The easiness and casualness of this era of fashion is a Godsend for many guys, but you do need to be careful that you don’t look like a dirty hobo. So make sure the items on its own individually aren’t a hot mess, so that when you put an outfit together it doesn’t become an ever bigger hot mess!

And that’s a wrap for this week!

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