12 TV villains and their annoyingness on a scale of 1 to 10

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Almost every TV show has a villain trying to stand in somebody’s way. Sometimes these villains are victims in their own right, or their sass is more funny than hateful  Other times, these villains are downright evil and need a serious ass kicking. Personally, I love villains. To me, they seem more complicated and misunderstood than your typical martyr of a protagonist. Here at the ANDPOP office we decided which TV villains we love, and which ones need to leave.

We rated them on a scale of one to 10 — 10 being the MOST ANNOYING and one being the least.

Cassandra July, Glee, 8/10

Verdict: Hate

This NYADA teacher loves to kill Rachel Berry’s self confidence, sleep with her students, and have regular meltdowns. July has zero redeeming qualities. Her burnt out broadway act persona gets no sympathy from me. She is hateful, harsh, and refuses to give Rachel a break. Some may say she puts Rachel in her place, but I say she’s jealous of her talent. July deserved it when Rachel finally stuck up for herself.

A, Pretty Little Liars, 9/10














Verdict: Hate

“A” is not one person. A is a series of people who wreak havoc on the so-called liars Aria, Spencer, Hannah, and Emily. The A-team’s snooping and revenge tactics are more evil and scary than funny. “A” gives everyone a run for their money. She is downright terrifying. She has a psycho-killer thing going on.

Emily Thorne (Amanda Clarke), Revenge, 1/10


Verdict: Love

Emily Thorne of Revenge reps Amanda Clarke, who’s father was framed for a horrible crime. After her father dies, Amanda assumes the identity of Emily Thorne to seek revenge on everyone involved in her father’s framing and eventual murder. Thorne sets fires, ruins careers, ruins reputations, and turns lives upside down. Thorne has an evil streak, but her pure brilliance and drive to avenge her father has us smitten. We see her true colours when she truly cares about people — like her mentor Nolan. We love her evil smirk that tells us something important is about to happen. Also, we want her wardrobe.

Ellis Tancharoen, Smash, 10/10

Verdict: Hate

Ellis is downright annoying and conniving. He proves no purpose but to screw up everybody’s lives. NO ONE LIKES YOU ELLIS. NO ONE. Leave. Now. Oh right… he is. Bye Ellis. See you, never.

Sebastian Smythe, Glee, 3/10

Verdict: Love

This warbler has a bad attitude and his sights set on Blaine. Smythe throws rock salt smoothies, makes fun of Kurt regularly, and we’re pretty sure he lives at the Lima Bean. However, his face is beautiful, his hair is impeccable, his voice is dreamy, his dance moves are smooth, and we’re totally obsessed. Smythe can sing One Direction and The Wanted and makes us swoon whenever we see him in that legendary blue blazer with red piping. No wonder The Warblers won sectionals this year. Smythe needs to be on WAY more often. We miss him and his bickering with Kurt.

Regina/ Evil Queen, Once Upon a Time, 5/10

Verdict: TBD

After much time and consideration, we have not reached a verdict in the office. We’re torn. Some of us think Regina/ the Evil Queen is downright evil and conniving, while some think she is misunderstood and has good intentions. This is a hard one. The only thing we know is that she has amazing entrances (especially in that cape), and that actress Lana Parilla kicks ass in this role. The character is multi-dimensional and we just can’t decide on how evil she really is.

Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl, 2/10

Verdict: Love

Elite, stunning, and conniving, Blair is a character who you should hate, but love on occasion. She’s done awful things to people, but she’s also done generous things for the people who she holds near and dear. She’s a diva for sure, but we’re not so sure she’s pure evil. Her scheming shows what a brilliant mind she is, and how determined she is. Her drive can sometimes be overkill, but who doesn’t like a woman who knows what she wants?  Plus…can we have her wardrobe?

Donna LaDonna, The Carrie Diaries, 7/10

Verdict: Hate

We’ve only seen her in the first episode so far, and it took us no time to hate her. She looks 10 years too old for her age, has a bad attitude, and has her sights Carrie’s love interest. She’s totally fake, and her makeup is excessive. Not a fan.

Kitty Wilde, Glee, 6/10

Verdict: Hate

Kitty might be emulating Quinn, but the former head cheerleader is way more personable than the catty Kitty. Easy pun. Kitty is downright cruel in how she’s manipulating sweet and wholesome Marley. What kind of person tricks someone into having an eating disorder? That isn’t funny or badass, thats just plain insensitive. At least we get a good duet out of it?

Georgina, Gossip Girl, 7/10

Verdict: Hate

We love Blair’s scheming because most of the time it is harmless, or she undoes her bad deeds when she grows a conscious. When Georgina schemes, she messes up lives. Do you remember her pretending that she was pregnant with Dan’s baby? Yikes. Doesn’t this chick know that Blair is Queen Bitch of the Upper East side? Stop trying Georgina.

Klaus, The Vampire Diaries, 3/10 

Verdict: Love

Klaus is conniving, manipulative…but has good intentions? This head honcho of the vampires is always trying to achieve something and is always a step ahead of the Salvatores. He wants to find Elena a cure for his pack of hybrids (that’s werewolf vampires) to break a curse. We love him with Caroline, and think he’s misunderstood. He has a soft spot as well as eyes, a smile and an accent that make us swoon.

Chloe, Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23, 2/10

Verdict: Love

Chloe has zero respect for her roommate and the people around her. She’s immoral, a party girl, swindler and con artist. Her roommate June describes her as a possible psychopath. But once Chloe starts to like June, she stops scamming her and shows her human side. Deep down, Chloe has feelings. And let’s be honest, her shenanigans are more funny than cruel.

 Conrad Grayson, Revenge, 10/10 

Verdict: Hate

Conrad Grayson is one of the key players of the framing of David Clarke, an innocent man. When Clarke’s daughter grows up to seek revenge, Conrad and Victoria Grayson are on the top of her list. While Victoria shows remorse, having had been in love with David, Conrad is ruthless in how many people he is willing to kill and ruin to keep his family name in tact. His endless plotting against his wife, his affair with her best friend, and his treatment of the people around him is disgusting. He will literally stop at nothing to get what he wants, he throws money at every problem that comes his way. We cannot wait for Emily Thorne to serve up that karma he has coming. Money will not buy him protection this time.

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