Tumblr Tuesday: Top 5 Hilarious YouTube Personalities

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If you think you can twerk, don’t even try to compare yourself to Anthony or you might end up in utter embarrassment. With inspirations like Lana Del Rey and Britney Spears, there’s no surprise where this cutie gets his fierce attitude from. One thing to avoid being is a “basic b*tch” what he explains as: someone who does what everyone else is doing and isn’t their own person at all. Watch out for this diva in the future, and remember to be yourself! [lohanthony]


With over 200 million YouTube  views and  850,000 Twitter followers, Kingsely will tell you how it is, and you won’t take offence to it. We’ve seen all types of props: hats, towels and wigs, but not all good things come to an end. You can get to know him better in various Q&A videos, or see a whole other side to him (literally) in Really B – involving three alter-egos that might remind you of your BFF. [impulsive-and-inlove]


No, this isn’t Vinny from the Jersey Shore but I’m sure he gets that a lot. Meet 20-year-old Joe from Queens, NY and if you like what you see, you can basically have a date with him every Tuesday night when he uploads a new YouTube video. His rants are so relatable that I usually laugh hard enough to end up crying. He often invites his hilarious friends and family in his videos as well. Flashback to the 90s, high school problems and your first date are just some of his funny video topics. [jsantagatogifs]


There’s not much girl power in the land of YouTube personalities, but Jenna Marbles puts it all forward, with the help of her two adorbz pups Mr. Marbles and Kermit. Her quirky sense of humour and good looks are no surprise as to why she’s a fan favourite. Something you may not know is that she quickly changed career paths after getting her Masters degree in Sport Psychology and Counselling at Boston University. She’s your “go with the flow” type of girl, so looks like we will be surprised with what offers she’ll pick up next. [jmarbs]


Wasssup Crazy? LaToya has one of the most bubbly personalities that I’ve come across and not to mention, has more than one channel. Her videos range from Q&A, outfit of the day, trending topics, parodies, and relationship videos —  including her boyfriend doing her makeup!  LaToya says, “I am certainly blessed by God for allowing me to uplift people’s moods through my fun personality. I am not perfect but that’s cool. At least I’m comfortable in my own skin.” [latoyaforever]

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