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Skill of the Day: How to Make the Perfect Cocktail

Posted on January 22, 2013 by

After years of failed experimenting and pre-drinking, there comes a time in every young person’s life when they finally learn how to make the perfect cocktail while sober. Not only is the achievement a rite of passage on the path to full adulthood, it’s a feat of restraint and refinement that screams, “Yes, I can enjoy a nice glass of alcohol without downing five other afterwards.”

It’ll also be the reason why you’ll ask your future spouse for mini-bar when you finally get around to finishing your basement. (You got to show off your skills somehow, right?)

Thanks to YouTube user HowToBasic, this rite of passage may be even closer than you think. The YouTube guru was nice enough to share a party favourite cocktail.

After you have finally mastered the art of bartending, make sure to take a look at HowToBasic’s other helpful tips on how to make sushi and how to change a nappy!

Warning: Too much fun may get you kicked out of any good party and a scolding from aforementioned future spouse.

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