Obama sings Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack”

Posted on January 22, 2013 by

Ever want to hear Obama sing Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack?” We know your answer is an unequivocal yes. Baracksdubs made it happen by using clips of Obama’s speeches and reaaranging the world clips to match the lyrics of “SexyBack.” Someone has a lot of time on their hands…

These dubs always sound like an awkward built in text-reading system. Remember those things in elementary school that you and your friends used to type funny words into to hear them read back to you? No complaints here, because in this “song” the pres most definitely brings sexy back.

Other Barack dubs include Mc Hammers “U Can’t Touch This”  and Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend.” I will now impatiently wait for Obama’s album.

Watch the dub below


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