Honest trailer for “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”

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The legacy of Indiana Jones is shot to shi*t in this honest trailer, which pokes fun of Harrison Ford’s age, awkward plot arcs and Steven Spielberg’s unbelievably BAD special effects. We all thought it. The new installment of Indiana Jones is a sham of the once adored franchise. As this honest trailer confesses “you will wish you were watching the mummy.”

Maybe it’s time for the franchise to pull a James Bond and recast Indiana Jones? I love Harrison Ford but the guy is getting a little old for swinging on ropes and battling extra-terrestrials. And about that, since when is Indiana Jones about aliens? Isn’t it about history and past beings? Maybe I’m too young to remember. This “honest trailer” is hysterical and acknowledges everything we thought when we watched the film the first time. Fun fact: There WILL be another Indiana Jones with Harrison Ford. Maybe the honest trailer for that will just be Ford and Spielberg running in a jungle asking “why are we even trying?”

These honest trailers have exploited the true nature of many other films like Twilight: New Moon, and The Lord of the RingsYou can be sure there are plenty “precious” Edward Cullen puns. What other awful movies do you think screenjunkies should make honest trailers for?

Watch the Honest Trailer here 

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