Colin Healy turns The Darkness rock tune into folksy duet

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We found a new acoustic cover artist to swoon over, and his name is Colin Healy. His most recent cover, done with fellow artist Caroline Mauck, is a folksy version of “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” by British glam rock band The Darkness. While the original track is heavy rock, Healy and Mauck bring it down a notch and perform it as a romantic duet. We love the way they re-invented the song for your “chill-out” playlist. Their harmonies are beautiful!

In the past, Healy covered Taylor Swift and One Direction. I’m currently jamming to his “22” cover. If you like his covers, go subscribe to Colin Healy. What’s better? The Virginia-based musician has a debut album in the works.

Watch “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” 

Listen to the original song by The Darkness 

Watch Healy Cover “22” below 

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