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Apologies to Matt Damon, they ran out of time

Posted on January 22, 2013 by

Poor Matt Damon just can’t seem to catch a break with Jimmy Kimmel. The late night television host always tries to squeeze the actor into a time slot on his show but they always run out of time. It’s understandable — I mean, given the choice between a Barbershop Quartet and the Good Will Hunting actor you’re going to choose the senior harmonizers every time.

Then Matt Damon FINALLY got his break; A place in the late night lineup that any Hollywood actor would envy to promote his new movie Promised Land. Unfortunately things didn’t go according to plan… or I guess they just followed the status quo when they ran out of time AGAIN.

But seriously, you have to love Matt Damon for playing along and enlightening us with a string of blurred out curse words we’ve never heard before. [Side Note: I feel weird just calling him “Matt” or “Damon,” which is why I decided to refer to him by his full name in the entire post. He’s just to epic to be called by one name.]

Watch it here

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