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10 things you missed on The Carrie Diaries “Lie With Me”

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Yesterdays episode of The Carrie Diaries definitely advanced the plot and developed Carrie’s character more than last week’s. The episode was packed with kisses and misses. It’s nice to see that, like Sex and the City, the show likes to tell the stories of not only Carrie, but her friends too. My favourite inevitable storyline will be Walt’s coming out, or at least him confiding in someone. I assume it will be Carrie. In the books he actually has a love interest. Do you want to see that or are you more interested in Maggie and the sexy police officer she’s keeping on the side? Nevertheless, here are the main things you missed from last nights episode.

Carrie’s grounded

Due to missing curfew and the shenanigans that took place last episode, Carrie is grounded for what seems like the entirety of her teenagehood. This means she can’t go out with friends and most importantly, Sebastian.

Green Blazer and Gray Peplum Skirt


Topshop Herringbone Peplum Skirt

My two favourite clothing items worn by Carrie in this episode should be considered a major event in the episode. First, Carrie wore a green blazer with black cuffs and gold buttons. Amazing. She later wore a stunning charcoal gray peplum skirt. I want this girl’s wardrobe. I can’t even talk about the Dior scarf. It’s just not fair.

Sibling bonding time

Due to both being grounded, Dorit and Carrie have had the opppourtunity for serious sisterly bonding time. There was a really cute scene where the two are washing the car and have a soap fight. Of course, things are too good to be true and Carrie puts her relationship with her sister on the line for some time with Sebastian.

Walt and Maggie trouble in paradise

Maggie and Walt seem to lack intimacy, and weirdly enough it’s because of Walt. We all remember the strong implications from last week that Walt is not interested in women, so it’s almost painful to watch Maggie feel completely undesirable as Walt repeatedly refuses any kind of intimacy.

Steamy swimming

The Carrie Diaries 1x02 "Lie With Me" - the-carrie-diaries Fan Art

Sebastian and Carrie don’t seem to have intimacy issues as the two seem to really be hitting it off. Carrie manages to sneak her way into a swimming session with Sebastian, only to have a steamy kiss broken up by her father who later bans her from seeing Sebastian ever again. Something about his knowing Sebastian’s family and not wanting Carrie to be part of that? I wonder if her father’s orders will stop her from seeing Sebastian…

Maggie and her older man

Now we know why Maggie said she wasn’t a virgin. It seems that Walt isn’t the only man in her life. Their relationship was revealed last week, but in this episode we get to see their interaction a little more. It seems that Maggie does care about the police officer but it’s clear their relationship lacks intimacy. Will the two stay together? Or do  you think Maggie will break up with him?


Carrie tells more than a few little white lies in this episode. She really seems in over her head, and I’m surprised it didn’t all come back to bite her in the ass. She lies to her father about swimming with Dorit and lies to her supervisor at her internship so that she can get her purse in Interview Magazine. The way Larissa Loughlin keeps putting Carrie’s job and reputation with her family and boss on the line makes me nervous, especially because Carrie will stop at nothing to impress her and stay part of her circle. However, Loughlin is played by the beautiful Freema Agyeman, who, if you’re a BBC nerd like myself you will recognize as Martha from Doctor Who.


Walt on a whim decides he’s ready to take his relationship with Maggie a step further — but Maggie is too busy with her police officer boyfriend. After waiting hours at Maggie’s home, he realizes he might never be ready. He tells this to Maggie and tells her he “doesn’t love her like that.” What are you trying to say Walt?

Sibling truce

Thank god. I care more about Carrie’s relationship with Dorit than anyone else. I have a soft spot for sibling relationships. I was so upset when Carrie disappointed her and cancelled their swim date. Thankfully Carrie and Dorit sorted it out. Carrie didn’t even care Dorit told their dad about her swim date with Sebastian! As messed up as Dorit may be, I have a soft spot for her as does Carrie. I hope she cleans her act up. Can we take a second to laugh at the fact at how Dorit’s owning a pirated movie was seen as badass?

The Carrie Diaries 1x02 "Lie With Me" - the-carrie-diaries Fan Art

PB & J Cracker sandwiches

This show definitely has the best and most heartwarming/heartbreaking scenes for last. Against the backdrop of Carrie’s monologues, she makes PB & J cracker sandwiches with Mouse, Dorit, and a heartbroken Maggie.  I want to just put it out there that I’m really loving Carrie’s profound monologues because they bring me back to Sex and the City. This scene was very sweet and puts it into perspective what family and friends mean to Carrie. I look forward to seeing how far she’ll go for her friends. What will happen if Walt confides in Carrie? Will Carrie tell Maggie? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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