Portlandia’s Nerd Council releases an important PSA

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Nerd PSA

See the hipster above? She calls herself a nerd because she wears non-prescription, thick-framed grandpa glasses and reads the occasional comic book. She’s ‘pretty enough’ to be a model, but she claims that at her core, she’s just a nerd. Portlandia’s Nerd Council released an important PSA against these supposedly geeky creatures, starring a real life nerd.

The whole thing is hilarious, except for two things:

1) The “real life nerd” seems to be ashamed of his nerdom, when in fact, he should own it! Be passionate about the things you like, people. Take it from YouTube’s teddybeast:

2) Why can’t this chick actually like comic books and video games? I thought we already established with that lovely, pink-haired Cosplayer  that fake geek girl shaming is ridiculous! It reminds me of the whole punk “poser” thing that was going around in the noughties. Labels are ridiculous — like what you like without the persuasion or dissuasion of what people will think of you.

For all the self-proclaimed nerds out there: Do you think people pretend to like ‘nerdy’ things and does it make you angry?

Watch it here

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One response to “Portlandia’s Nerd Council releases an important PSA”

  1. The label “nerd” does not indicate ones interests or hobbies. Nerd means socially isolated. That’s why real nerds aren’t proud of the label.

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