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8 things we want Ryan Gosling to knit us

Posted on January 21, 2013 by

Remember when Ryan Gosling told Australian GQ that if he had to map out his perfect day, knitting would be a huge part of it? We do. We love Gosling so much, we want him to enjoy his perfect day — so we thought of eight things for him to knit us. Thank you in advance Gosling. If we would wear anybody’s ugly knit sweater, it would be yours.

1) Shorts 

Gorgeous Shorties Grey Knitted Ruffle Shorts KNITTING PATTERN

2) Necklaces

Knitted Pink Yarn Necklace, Statement Necklace, Knit Necklace


3) Baby Cocoon 

Super Soft Loose Knit Baby Cocoon Pod Bowl Photography Prop

4) Belt 

Belt with handmade wooden buttons

5) Earrings 

Green Knit Earrings. OOAK Leafy cat jewelry in light green. Handmade fashion jewelry.

6) Watch

Hand knitted watch bracelet wrist cuff & pin cushion

7) Stiletto’s 














8) Egg Holder


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