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By Evan Ross

Ugh, it’s January you guys. January is probably the biggest bummer on the Gregorian calendar. I mean,  it’s frigid, the only holiday is at the very beginning, and your stomach has started to expand greatly because of all the cheese you ate over the holidays (maybe that one’s just me). Worst of all, work and school drags on even more because you’ve just had several glorious weeks where your only concerns were which TV marathon to watch (the correct answer is Top Gear) and which sweats to wear while doing it.

Sometimes the only cure for winter blues is a spontaneous, midweek dance party with your roomies. This playlist might even give you the strength to carry on after your brand new Uggs get salt stains on them.

1) Radioactive – Rita Ora

I saw Rita Ora for the first time in UK Vogue and instantly became obsessed with her. My efforts to emulate her super red lips failed (can you say The Joker?) but I discovered that her debut album Ora is BOMB. This track is a great warm-up for your day; you just can’t help but bob your head and smile when it comes, and when it ends you’ll definitely end up with your “palms to the sky”

Best for: dance-walking down the street to subway (ignore judgemental glances from passersby and just do you).

2) Locked Out of Heaven – Bruno Mars

I really didn’t want to like this song. I successfully resisted Bruno Mars up until this point but he tricked me into liking this song by making himself sound exactly like Sting in his Police days. Bruno Mars is such a happy and pleasant little Hobbit that he just makes me feel all happy and pleasant. You’ve no doubt heard this song over one hundred million times by now, but that doesn’t negate its greatness or its ability to make me want to get my grind on. It’s also a pretty sexy jam, which is awesome…Wednesday is hump day after all *le exaggerated wink*

Best for: a) singing to yourself. Loudly. b) Convincing someone to…well Bruno does say his sex takes me to paradise.

3) Beauty and a Beat – Justin Bieber

Something about Justin Beiber’s recent scandal makes his music a lot more appealing to me. Combine his vices with the epic pool party that takes place in the video and you just feel chilled out, man. Like I said before, January is a depressing month but nobody could feel depressed having on-the-cusp-of-sexy (sorry tweens!) Justin croon to them. Sometimes we just need something light and bubbly to get us through and since it’s illegal to drink champagne in public, this song will have to do.

Best for: having a sunny disposition even though it’s grey and -30 outside.

4) Glad You Came – The Wanted

Sun! Warmth! Hot dudes! I remember two out these three things from the summer and I want them back now! Seriously, I am the most impatient person when it comes to waiting for summer; I spend a large amount of time in the morning looking at my summer wardrobe, willing it to be warm enough to wear. Alas, I cannot wish summer back so I’ll just have to make do with this massive hit from the summer. Taking part in a little in-chair bootyshaking Brit badboys is bound to brighten any week.

Best for: Reminding yourself that Spring Break is only 5 weeks away!

5) She’s Not Afraid – One Direction

Speaking of boy bands, there had to be a place for them on this list because one does not simply have a good mood without 1D (at least if that ‘one’ is me). This is like, the cheesiest of the cheesy songs on their new album and I absolutely LOVE it. It reminds me of a 90s sitcom theme song, and I can’t help but act like I’m in an opening title sequence when I hear it and I just get foolish. Ah, the little things that make me happy and make other people fear me.

Best for: getting through any weekday chores you have by going hard throughout your house (also crying because Niall feels). 

6) Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself) – Ne-Yo

I adore Ne-Yo and I adore this song. In fact, the only thing not to like about it is its overly grandiose title. All Ne-Yo wants in this life (or at least in his songs) is a strong, independent woman who won’t be afraid to lean on him when she isn’t at her strongest. He’s a man, and what more could a girl ask for (can you tell that I also have a lot of strong Ne-Yo feelings)? I mean, he’s literally asking this woman’s permission to love her. This song is great for perking you back up if your midterm grades weren’t what you thought they would be or if your boss wants to know how your drunk texts got on the company homepage.

(PS. I volunteer as tribute to love you, Ne-Yo)

Best for: feeling generally amazing about yourself at all times of the day.

7) Say Somethin – Austin Mahone

I literally knew nothing of this person until ANDPOP’s twitter followers suggested the song for this playlist, and I had to add it because what ANDPOP readers want, ANDPOP readers get (and also because I found out his fans are called MaHomies which is delightful OMG). Austin Mahone seems to be trying to capture the entire teen market by being the love child of Justin Beiber and Zayn Malik from One Direction; oddly enough, this works for him. The song is pretty cute and I can see it being just the thing to get me through my midday caffeine crash. I feel you ma homie (yes I tried very hard to sqeeze that pun in).

Best for: getting you through your post-espresso/post-Wednesday crash. Only two more days until Friday.

8) Bright Lights Big City/Magic – The Treblemakers (Pitch Perfect Soundtrack)

There’s nothing like acapella covers to bring the cheer. Pitch Perfect was a great movie but the real reason that I left the theatre smiling was the songs. This one was my particular favourite; the dance routine was great and it makes me feel compelled to start singing, no matter what the environment.

Best for: unleashing your inner Glee.

9) Dancing On My Own – Robyn

Okay, this is technically an older song but being of the young persuasion I only found out about it since it became the unofficial theme song for HBO’s Girls. Weekdays are the toughest: You wake up early, have to commute with the peons who make up TTC commuters, and by you get home it’s dark outside. Sometimes you just need to vent that frustration by having a good old fashioned dance off while looking at yourself in the mirror. You’ll feel a lot better about yourself afterwards and be able to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel that is Friday.

Best for: dancing/crumping out your problems.

10) Suit & Tie (ft. Jay-Z) – Justin Timberlake

My first reaction to this song: Ermahgerd Jurstin Turmburlurke! I still consider N*Sync’s Celebrity album to be a work of genius, so you can only imagine how excited I was when I heard this song on the radio. Couple that with some Jay-Z verses in the middle and we have ourselves a TUNE.

Best for: save this song for Thursday’s commute home as a celebration that tomorrow is FRIDAY Y’ALL.

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