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One Direction performs in Ghana for Red Nose Day

Posted on January 16, 2013 by
One Direction in Ghana

One Direction in Ghana

Those charitable blokes of One Direction flew into Ghana and performed for kids living in poverty, in honour of UK’s famous Red Nose Day. The day encourages people to be silly and have fun to raise money and awareness for people living in poverty all over the world. Film footage from the performance is also going to be used for their official Red Nose Day Single, a cover of Blondie’s “One Way or Another.”

While fans here in the Western world will be quick to sigh and giggle and fall in love with 1D even more — like OMG, they are like, SUCH good people — some Ghanians weren’t very happy about One Direction’s depiction of the country. After the performance, Niall Horan tweeted “I’ve seen the slums right in front of me! This is no joke! They really need your help! Poverty is real!” (Really? I thought it was fake.)

According to Ghanian newspaper My Joy Online, Ghanian celebrities like actress Ama K Abebrese tweeted “@NiallOfficial n @onedirection … I understand its for charity, but this highly negative image of sub Saharan African countries like Ghana….. that you choose to focus on without balance for the so many positive aspects to your millions of ff”

With tabloids like Perez Hilton making fun of Niall Horan’s epiphany, I think the boys may think twice about how they tweet about impoverished countries. In any case, even if it is strictly for publicity, it’s good to know that 1D’s efforts are still funding Comic Relief projects which help children in poverty.

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