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Five Best Dressed: Awards Season is off to a bang with Selena, Taylor, Chloë and more

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If you were looking for some major Golden Globe FASHAWN then my girl @Britt_Mahaney has got you covered here! Awards season has officially begun and, just like Fashion Week, I’m already suffering from major fashion overload. But that’s a good thing! It just makes my job harder to narrow down the best celeb fashions to a top 5 list, but I enjoy the challenge. So bring it!

Bring It On! Not only a great movie but a great line for a pep talk!

And if you were wondering who my fav Golden Globe look was from then I got to say Jennifer Lawrence was a stunner in that red Christian Dior Couture gown. She had the flu, have you ever looked that good whenever you had the flu? I didn’t think so.

Selena Gomez

What she’s wearing: Gomez was a golden glam goddess in a Versace Atelier dress at the InStyle Golden Globe Awards After Party.

Why we love it: Ladies and gentlemen behold the transformative power of the breakup, add a sexy Versace dress and you’ve got magic! Gomez is no doubt a beautiful young lady but this dress shows how grown up the Disney starlet has come along. The structured bustier dress has a lot of nice intricate design details and golden embellishments which is a perfect fit for such a ‘golden’ event.

— I Love Pac ? (@kisssMeKidrauhl) January 15, 2013

Takeaway: Gomez is working the monochromatic look even with such a standout metallic dress. She’s keeping all her accessories in the same colour range which helps focus the attention on the intricate dress.


Taylor Swift

What she’s wearing: Swift walked the red carpet at the People’s Choice Awards in this white slinky Ralph Lauren gown.

Why we love it: What a show-stopper!  Here’s proof #2 that a breakup can do a person good. While Swift may love to be in relationships, as fans we all know breakups do Swift well in the music and fashion departments. Can we talk about that sexy plunging neckline?! Not only does it show another side to Swift, but I have a feeling a certain British boybander might be kicking himself in the butt right about now. This look is the perfect mix of sex appeal and refined class. Swift pops with her chunky turquoise drop earring.

Don’t worry Taylor, I’d still give you a hug.


Takeaway: Showing cleavage is obviously an easy way to add some sex appeal to your look, but you need to make sure it’s not the only reason why people are talking about your dress. You wanna be remembered for a bit more than just your chest. So while a plunging neckline does give that wow factor, make sure the rest of your dress has enough class to balance out any potential sleaziness.


Chloë Moretz

What she’s wearing: You couldn’t miss Moretz on the People’s Choice Awards red carpet even if you wanted to, since she stood out in this bright neon yellow Simone Rocha ‘Bright Daisy’ dress.

Why we love it: This dress is just so much fun, it would be such a downer for me to not include it on this list. Only a young starlet could pull off such a fun, vibrant, and youthful frock which is why we give Moretz snaps for being age-appropriate instead of opting for a more mature dress. The embroidered/appliqué lace detail trend has been a fav for many celebs on the red carpet, but none of them has been more eye-catching than this.

Takeaway: Being age-appropriate is not a negative, it’s just a factor you need to consider when wearing clothes. Actresses like Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Penelope Cruz, and Halle Berry are all red carpet MVPs and many young girls would love to wear their dresses, but you have to keep in mind that it takes a certain level of maturity to pull off what they wear sometimes. So you don’t want to look like that little girl wearing her mother’s clothes. And the argument can be made for older women wearing dresses a little too junior as well, can you imagine your mother trying to wear your clothes?


Rachel Bilson

What she’s wearing: The Hart of Dixie star was a welcomed surprise in this long-sleeved fuchsia Valentino animal print gown at the 2013 Art of Elysium Gala in California.

Why we love it: I don’t think I ever had someone wear animal print and have them make onto this list, so Bilson and Valentino get some major credit for that accomplishment. There’s something about animal print and this in-your-face colour that could have made this look super tacky, but everything works well. Because it’s quite a conservative silhouette it needed a funky pattern and colour to liven it up, plus the sheer sleeves and yoke give a hint of some much needed skin.

Right back at ya Bilson!

Takeaway: I know there’s a lot of girls who love animal print but don’t wear it as often as they like because it gets a bad rap (thanks to those girls over at the Jersey Shore). But you can still be high fashion and wear animal print, it just takes a little more effort.


Jamie Foxx

What he’s wearing: Foxx was a bright pop of bold colours in this electric blue and turquoise Ozwald Boateng suit at the London premiere of ‘Django Unchained.’

Why we love it: A bold choice like this needs to be commended even if you fall into the ‘haters’ category. An outfit like this can be very polarizing, so you’ll either love it or hate it, and that is what makes fashion so fun and exciting. I obviously love it, so you know where I stand (I’ve chosen three looks with such bold colours because I love colour and I probably have the dead of winter blues). I never would have thought of mixing these two colours together, let alone combine them in a suit, so I give this one to Mr. Foxx for schooling me there.

— Christiana Mbakwe (@Christiana1987) January 12, 2013

This outfit gets two snaps, or shall I say three snaps in Z-formation!

Takeaway: It takes a certain level of panache and confidence to wear such bright and bold colours like this. It helps that Foxx is an Oscar-award winning actor and R&B singer for him to get away with such a bod fashion statement. So for those sitting at home who want to try this look out, be wary! It will take a lot of man to pull this look off, so be confident and good luck! Fashion is about taking risks!

Jamie I barely recognized you!

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