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10 Things You Missed on The Carrie Diaries premiere

Posted on January 15, 2013 by
The Carrie Diaries

The Carrie Diaries

Last night was the premiere of The Carrie Diaries, a prequel to Sex in the City, that is supposed to follow Carrie Bradshaw in her teen years. In the pilot we see her lose her childhood innocence and her personality grow into what we   we’re used to with older-Carrie. Teen Carrie has more tamed hair, better looking love interests, and a growing wardrobe. If you missed it, here are the big events of the episode. Yes. Carrie Bradshaw’s hair will ALWAYS be “an event.”

1) Carrie’s hair is not big enough

As someone who battles the curl and the frizz and volume that comes with it, I’ve always identified with Carrie Bradshaw’s unruly curly hair. Younger Carrie Bradshaw has beautiful curls that stay in place and are unfairly tame. Naturally curly hair does NOT look like this.

2) Carrie’s family 

Carrie’s mom passed away recently leaving her 14-year-old sister Dorit especially angsty (drinking, drugs, you name it), and her father unsure how to be both maternal and paternal. The two sisters give very believable performances in their rivalry and resulting truce. Of course, I side with Carrie the eldest, and my younger sister sides with Dorit.

3) Purse 

After Dorrit defaced her mother’s purse so that Carrie wouldnt get to have it because “she gets everything,” we see Ms. Bradshaw do the most in character thing yet — she splashes nail polish all over the purse, and paints “Carrie” in fuchsia pink cursive writing. Amazing.

4) Carrie’s friends

I miss Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha…but I like her three new friends Mouse, Walt, and Maggie. Like the friends in Sex in the City, the friends talk mainly about sex, and boys…which excludes Walt. A great moment is when Mouse talks about losing her virgnity, and Maggie follows. Shocker? Maggie is dating Walt. This is not because Walt seems a tad too well dressed with his polos and popped collar. Maggie claims Walt wants to keep it a secret, Walt claims he never slept with her. The ending montage puts an end to all our questions and suspicions

5) Love interest

Sebastian Kydd, played by hottie and Chord Overstreet look-a-like Austin Butler seems to already have a history with Bradshaw. Both teens are very interested and are randomly unified by a love for swimming. There was a particularly steamy flashback scene from a swimming session over the summer.

6) The Plastics

What would a highschool drama be without the resident mean girls? The Regina George of this show is Donna. Please explain why this “highschooler” looks 20…

7) Virginity 

A huge subject pushed in the pilot was Mouse losing her virignity to an older guy who stopped talking to her after they did the dirty deed. I think sex is going to play a crucial role in this show where the main characters are all coming of age, and in the case of one character, coming into their sexuality.

8) Internship

Carrie’s mother has passed and she’s greiving, so her father gets her an internship with a lawyer friend…IN MANHATTAN. Unrealistic? Yes. Still awesome? YES. During her lunch break to buy new stockings (because she ripped them before going into the office in true Carrie Bradshaw fashion” she meets a fabulous woman who she a) helps steal an outfit and b) goes out to a bar with later, resulting in her breaking curfew.

9) Hey gays

The Carrie Diaries throws itself into the LGBT community in a very “HERE YA GO” fashion, having Bradshaw wedged between two kissing gay men at a party. Bradshaw says she has never met a gay man before, but the couple assures her that she has either met someone who prefers fashion to sports, or someone who doesnt realize they are gay.

10) Plot twist

We are left with a few questions after the montage. Upcoming coming-out story for Walt? Who is Maggie REALLY with? Why has Danny not called mouse? And of course, the biggest question, what will happen next time Carrie Bradshaw takes on Manhattan?

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