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“Nuclear” – Destiny’s Child

Beyonce Knowles, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland recently got together to record their first track together since 2004, which will appear on their upcoming album Love Songs. “Nuclear” is surprisingly low-key for the women’s first recording in almost a decade, but it’s supposed to be a throw back to old school R&B. With soft vocals and ambient production by Pharell, the track works as a re-kindling of 90s style R&B music.

“I Come Apart” – A$AP Rocky ft. Florence Welch

If you feel like treating yourself to the deluxe version of A$AP Rocky’s upcoming album Long.Live.A$AP, you will be rewarded with an exclusive, bonus collaboration between A$AP and British songstress Florence Welch. It’s a pretty unexpected combination, but works well with A$AP’s lyrics about the pain of separation and Florence’s rich vocals bringing a feminine voice. A$AP Rocky’s new album drops Jan. 15.

“C’mon” – Ke$ha

In her new video, Ke$ha is an overworked waitress sick of being abused by her boss and decides to quit on the spot. As she sits on the curb in her daisy dukes and plaid shirt, a fun van appears out of nowhere and our favourite auto-tunes, glitter-loving party girl goes on a wild adventure with furry animals. It sure beats working at the “Awful House.”

“Sugar and Spice” – Willow Smith

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by Willow Smith’s newest track “Sugar and Spice.” Considering her first single was about whipping her hair back and forth, “Sugar and Spice” has substance, a mature sound, and poignant lyrics impressive for a 12-year-old.

“Dead Island” – Kitty Pryde

Ambiguously aged Florida teenager Kitty Pryde became an Internet sensation last year with “Okay Cupid,” a catchy jam about celebrity crush Danny Brown. She just released the video for her newest, hypnotic “Dead Island,” in which she pretty much just stares at a bunch of shiny things. And you thought you had weird obsessions…

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