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The Haylor breakup song you’ve all been waiting for

Posted on January 11, 2013 by
Taylor Swift breakup meme

Taylor Swift breakup meme

It has only been a couple days since Haylor reportedly broke up, but one singer has already made light of the split with a new “unreleased breakup song” called “I’m Alright.” Of course, it’s not actually Taylor Swift but it sure sounds like her. In the song she sings about calling it quites with Harry Styles:

“Those green eyes/ And that contagious smile/ and those lips and the way they verbalize/ You looked at me and smiled/ Everything was perfect/ Everything was great/ I was on a fairytale/ It’s a dream while I’m awake.”

She goes into spending time with him in New York City and revelling in his smile as he sang to screaming girls on stage. The actual singer is15-year-old  Jersey Green and you can find her on SoundCloud.

Listen to the song here 

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