“Pot Shop,” the Macklemore & Lewis “Thrift Shop” parody

Posted on January 10, 2013 by

It was only a matter of time for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ hit “Thrift Shop” to get its very own parody.¬†SteveBerkeComedy‘s “Pot Shop” parody is all about hitting up your local dealer for some $20 weed.¬†Written and performed by Steve Berke, featuring Sexy Sax Man, Towelie, and David King Cain, the parody is topical as well as hilarious.

Along with consulting opthamologist Linda Kaplan about the use of medical marijuana for glaucoma they go into the corruption of the pharmaceutical industry and the government.

The best part is the ending because a very special rapper (you know WHO) makes a surprise appearance in the video. Do you think pot should be legalized?

Watch it here

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