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“Knife Guys” featuring Ryan Gosling and Will Ferrell

Posted on January 10, 2013 by

Ryan Gosling, Will Ferrell as knife guys

One of theĀ repercussionsĀ of Jimmy Kimmel’s show being moved up a time slot was that Will Ferrell and Ryan Gosling’s daily show “Knife Guys” got the axe. The two guys interrupted Jimmy’s live broadcast with their Shopping Channel-style show and gave him cut eye. They had some time to show off some of their wicked knives, which chop through everything from cottage cheese to cotton candy.

Unfortunately, Will was inflicted with a minor wound and had to call it a day. I’m glad I’ve never seen this show before because if I did I’d probably have a weird, creepy collection of knives hidden at my place. How can you NOT by a knife fromm Ryan Gosling, or anything for that matter?

Ryan Gosling

Ahhh yea, keep walking Ryan Gosling.

Watch it here

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One response to ““Knife Guys” featuring Ryan Gosling and Will Ferrell”

  1. Cocomojoe says:

    tee hee, I’d buy a Samuria Sword from Ryan

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