True facts about sloths

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Did you know that on average a sloth can move about 3-feet per minute, and that some sloths appear green because they have algae on their fur, which provides them with camouflage? Well, now you know thanks to zefrank1’s latest youtube video “True facts about sloths.” The hilarious  2 minute video features facts on  2- toed sloths versus 3 toed sloths, and the fact that they have razor sharp claws that would be the worlds deadliest predator “but only if the world slowed way the f*** down,” says zefrank1·.

In the fine words of zefrank1, “If you’re having a stressed out day, think of the sloth, they don’t do s*** and they haven’t gotten extinct. I’m sure you can afford to take a nap.”

Watch it here:

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