New video: Kitty Pryde, “Dead Island”

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One month after the success of her first video “Okay Cupid,”  Internet sensation Kitty Pryde is back at it again, and fiercer than ever releasing a new rap video this week called  “Dead Island” from her D.A.I.S.Y. Rage EP. Her soft vocals complement the up-beat music in this track creating a dreamy-like, hypnotic sound.

Lyrics in the song include: “You don’t know why all the boys flock to me? B****, draw your eyebrows on then talk to me…love NY ’cause theres so many bridges to jump off.”

As stated by Luke O’Neil on the MTV Buzzworthy Blog, “we’re still not able to “discern if she’s the wunderkind of underdog,” but at the moment it’s looking like she’ll be a little bit of both for now.”

Watch it here:

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