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5 things you missed on Pretty Little Liars’ “She’s Better Now”

Posted on January 9, 2013 by
Pretty Little Liars' Mona

Pretty Little Liars' Mona

What better way to start off 2013 than with the season three premiere of Pretty Little Liars? As I always say, with a new year there are always new secretes waiting to be discovered!

Just in case you missed it here are five things that happened during this week’s episode of PLL.

1. Mona is back — Mona is back but can she be trusted? She was released from Rosewood’s insane asylum (guess they figured they would just release her since she already comes and goes as she pleases), returned to school and led everyone to believe that she’s better. Someone stabbed a brain into the inside of her locker door with knife leading her to creepily walk down the hall like Strange Emily to discard the organ.

All is forgiven when she spreads a video apology and it goes viral. Can she really be trusted or will she always remain the girls’ favorite frenemy?

2. The owner of Lost Woods Resort is now the janitor at Rosewood High — If Mona coming back wasn’t weird enough, now the owner of Lost Woods Resort aka A’s old headquarters is now the janitor of Rosewood High and has a bag of Mona’s belongings hidden in his office. Yeah, nothing weird about that at all…

Looks like the A team is back and up to their old games. This season it’s starting to sound like a game well played.

3. Alison’s diary — Once the girls go back to the janitor’s office to investigate why Mona’s stuff is in there they find Alison’s diary, talk about spooky! And to top it all off, Aria finds an excerpt from the diary that explains all the juicy details of how Alison blackmailed Byron for more money in order to keep the secret of his affair. The best part of all this was that the deadline for Byron to hand over the cash was Labor Day weekend, the same weekend Alison lied about visiting her Nana. Talk about fishy! Something was definitely up in Rosewood that weekend.

4. Meredith was almost killed — So is it really wrong of me to secretly wish Meredith and Byron both died in the fire at the front of the school? I mean she is now Aria’s teacher and from the looks of how the first day started she will definitely not be making Aria’s life any easier. She even had the guts to accuse Aria and her friends of setting up the fire and leading her to it. Talk about vindictive! The only thing I have to say to that is if A wanted to take care of her I wouldn’t mind because really that girl has got to go!

5. Jason and Mona are together? — What’s up with all the Rosewood hotties going after the Rosewood psychos? First everyone wants to date Jenna and now my second favorite hottie is into Mona? This cannot be happening and to top it all off Jason and Mona could potentially be the two who started the fire. They both really were sporting some pretty serious fire burns. Who knows, maybe Jason really is the next pawn in A’s plan.

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