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Five Best Dressed: Gorgeous Gangsters Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, the Fashionable Fanning sisters and more

Posted on January 9, 2013 by

Emma Stone

What she’s wearing: Stone rocked this strapless red Lanvin dress at premiere of her new movie ‘Gangster Squad’ in L.A.

Why we love it: Stone is getting a head start on everybody and is rocking a dress from Lanvin’s Pre-Fall 2013 line, while most celebs are still wearing items from various Spring/Summer 2013 collections. I love how she’s working the monochrome look, from her silk and brocade red strapless dress, her red belt paired with a floral brooch, her fiery red pumps, and her ruby red crystal necklace.

My thoughts exactly!

Takeaway: Wearing something with a quite simple silhouette and minimal colour contrast allowed Stone to work some major statement jewels into her look. It can be tough to find the perfect opportunity to wear such large jewellery, but since Stone is going strapless with a sweetheart neckline she needed something bold to frame her face. Such big jewellery can sometimes go gaudy quite easily so be careful and make sure that it adds to your look instead of detracting from it.


Ryan Gosling

What he’s wearing: Stone’s Gangster Squad co-star not only stepped out in this coffee coloured three-piece Gucci suit, but he also showed up to the movie’s premiere with his mom.

Why we love it: Gosling also worked the monochromatic look in this surprising shade of brown, which takes the usual boring blah brown suit to a whole new level. Colour me impressed! I never would have thought this shade would have worked so well. The monochromatic colour scheme works well here considering the colour of Gosling’s hair and him parining the suit with dark brown perforated Lanvin shoes. He contrasts his look with a crisp whit shirt and bold black tie.

You’ve come a long way since then!

Takeaway: Well first off, if you ever become famous don’t forget to show your parents/guardians some love with the spotlight, it’s really endearing. Also have fun with your shoes! Sometimes you can get tied down with suits and can only have some sartorial fun with your accessories (think tie, shoes, pocket square, etc.). Plus they are a pleasant surprise whenever you pair a classic cut suit with some funky shoes.


Kerry Washington

What she’s wearing: The Django Unchained actress was snapped in Berlin wearing a white and nude chequered Louis Vuitton dress to promote her new movie.

Why we love it: This chequered Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 collection has still managed to captivate fashion lovers with its throwback to Mod style and its bold patterns. Even the collection’s runway show with its sets of escalators is still buzzed about, and Kristen Stewart snagged a spot on this list wearing a romper from the collection last October. What works here is the simplicity of the look paired with superb styling. Washington looks like a Mod dream and leaves me wishing more celebs would channel their inner Twiggy. Plus she’s giving Blair Waldorf a run for her money in that headband.

She would look fierce!

Takeaway: Getting inspired by an era in fashion is common and can be quite fun. But do your fashion research so you know which era you are channeling instead of relying of assumed stereotypes. Plus try to keep things modern so it looks like you’re not out of touch with reality.


Elle Fanning and Dakota Fanning

What they’re wearing: The Fanning sister attended an event for J. Estina in Seoul, South Korea. Elle Fanning wore a floral Opening Ceremony mini dress, while older sis Dakota wore a white Nina Ricci lace dress.

Why we love it: The Fanning sisters have become quite a fashion powerhouse on their own so for them to come together seems pretty major! It’s also nice to see them rock their own respective styles (Elle is a little more fashion forward, while Dakota works the more classic and glamourous looks) instead of trying to match with each other. Elle’s floral mini is fun and bold, while Dakota’s dress is sweet and ethereal. Plus we need to give these sisters snaps for their choice in footwear, Dakota is rockin’ some major metallic Miu Miu loafers, while Elle towers over Dakota in her platform Miu Miu bow peep-toe shoes.

Takeaway: Sometimes siblings tend to get lumped together (think the Olsen twins Mary-Kate and Ashley) so it’s important to show off your individual style to remind the public on how different you are from your sibling. But don’t fret about your siblings style, they are always a great resource to borrow clothes and whatnot from.

I would love for Amy Poehler to bring back ‘The Dakota Fanning Show’, it was genius!

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