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Tumblr Tuesday: Bieber’s abs, rainbow pancakes, Harry Styles’ creeper and more

Posted on January 8, 2013 by

If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go

Although Justin Bieber’s been going through some controversy in the New Year, he never turns away from his Beliebers. Justin’s Believe Tour started back up this weekend and NOTHING is stopping him. Well c’mon, with a body like that, who wouldn’t wanna get shirtless? [allfredoflores]

Future parents: Kimye

Were you surprised when you heard Kim Kardashian is preggers? I wonder if the baby will become BFFs with Blue Ivy? According to reports, Kim and Kanye have already turned down a $3 million offer from a magazine that wants exclusive photos of the newborn. Obviously Kris Jenner wasn’t in the talks for this, you know how she loves money, money, money. [lovekardashian]

Twitcam fun with your fave celebs

The guys from The Wanted may come across as super hot, hilarious and have accents you can’t resist, but they also spend a lot of their time interacting with fans. It’s no surprise that band member Nathan Sykes hopped on Twitcam for over an hour to answer question and read hilarious comments from the “TW Fanmily.” Please don’t ever change! [the-queen-of-dreams]

At least she’s being honest

I’m not 100 percent sure how I feel about Toddler and Tiaras but some of the things these kids say boggles my mind. I hope once they become adults, they can look back and realize how crazy they sounded — not only them but the way their parents acted too. I guess that’s the pageant lifestyle for you. [hiimalec]

Animal print scarfs…rawr 

If you’re feeling extra lazy and having trouble with what to wear, throw on a patterned scarf to spunk up your outfit and you’ll be ready to go. These adorbz patterns also help — flashback to CeCe Frey anyone? [takethelight]

Wheels up!

Sometimes school can be dreadful and obviously you think you could do a better job getting good grades if school was different. Travelling around the world would be awesome! Who didn’t like field trips back when they were a kid? Except this is just a really big field trip. I’m so down to try this out. [raysofthesun]

 Time for a new do

This is an awesome painting from a Tumblr user, but I kind of envy her because if I had that talent, I could put on paper exactly what I imagine. Then maybe my hair would come out the way I tried to explain to my hairdresser. Ugh. [oceangela]

And… you just got caught

I wonder how celebs feel once they get to the point of going out without being on the down-low. One Direction’s Harry Styles was out to eat at a restaurant when a fellow customer was munching down at the same place. You know with technology these days, there’s cameras on the front of the phone as well. He tried to take a creeper shot and um, it didn’t go so well. Next time, try a little bit harder to be sneaky man! [getmehoran]

Tables just got turned

If you’re the adventurous type, go for it! This doesn’t look that safe to me and I would most likely never try this. What if that top fence somehow collapsed in? Yeah, no thanks. I’ll stick to watching The Lion King on TV. [brbkillingnubs]

Everybody needs a little bit of colour

This probably isn’t very heathy but you have to admit, it looks amazing! [rainbowfromfar]

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