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15 fangirl reactions to the Haylor breakup

Posted on January 8, 2013 by

We all knew they were never, ever, ever going to stay together. Yes, it’s now being reported that Haylor is finally over. Harry Style fans can return to pining for him, and Taylor Swift fans can anticipate a new song (much like the Haylor breakup song). #Haylorbreakupsongs was trending while the two were still an item, so I’m sure there are plenty more witty song titles to go around. My favourite? “He called me Louis,” and “You Talked Too Slowly.” Credits to Tyler Oakley for the latter.

Here are the top 15 fangirl reactions to this breakup that, lets be real, we all saw coming. 

1) Blame it on Taylor

2)  Song puns 

3) More song puns

4) Haylor are aliens. Not people. 

5) Sinking ship puns 

6) More song puns (SURPRISE)

7) Look at that…more puns 

8) Heartbreak

9) High hopes

10) Confusion 

11) Expectation 

12) …More future Taylor Swift song titles 

13) The “Taylor has dated too many guys” argument 

14) Yet another “Taylor Swift writes songs about the guys she breaks up with” argument 

15) And the most surprising of all…LOGIC

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