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Cody Simpson then and now: Baby pics, hidden talents, first videos

Posted on January 7, 2013 by

By Jill Krajewski

The only thing that could be cuter than someone with a guitar is someone with a guitar and an Australian accent (sorry Biebs). Lucky for us, Aussie singing sensation Cody Simpson has BOTH, so go ahead and treat yourself to these swoon-worthy pics and clips of the “Paradise” performer growing up in the land down under.

Brotherly love

Cody Simpson was born on Jan. 11, 1997 in Gold Coast, Australia. He has a younger sister named Alli and a little brother named Tom. Cody and his sister have been especially close ever since they were babies. “He’s always got my back and gives me advice and everything,” Alli said.

He could rock out early

Cody may not have had his trademark guitar when he was around three, but he loved rocking out to his toy one all the same as early as 2000. He graduated to his first real six-string when we was seven and played so well that his guitar teacher had to call his parents to gush about Cody’s skills.

My Little Cody?

Cody posted this amazing photo on Twitter of him on a pony when he was around eight in 2005. Then again, what kind of pony has hair more colourful than Nicki Minaj? “Unicorns are real,” he tweeted,  “I would know.”

He’s a swimming pro

Watch out, Michael Phelps — if Cody wasn’t singing, he’d be swimming. Cody was only 11 when he won gold at Australia’s Pacific School Games in 2008 and nabbed two more gold medals at the Queensland Swimming Championships in 2009.

He was discovered on YouTube

When Grammy-nominated producer Shawn Campbell discovered Cody’s performance videos in 2009, he thought he saw the future Justin Timberlake and got in contact with Cody’s parents to find him. Perfectly enough, this amazing cover of J.T.’s “Cry Me A River” was one of the first things Cody uploaded when he was 12 for all the world to see.

First fan mail!

It didn’t take long after being discovered for Cody to start getting love letters from around the world. Watch his adorable thank you video to see what we mean. I LOLed after hearing him say “fan mail” in different accents!

Australian invasion

It’s been a busy year for Cody: he started working with Justin Bieber’s manager, put out his first album and went on his first European tour — all by the age of 15! With that momentum, 2013 could be the year (dare we say it!?)  the Australian invasion matches Bieber fever. May the best blonde win!

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  1. I recon you guys bring back Mr. Simpson for another andpop sesh with fans! hashtag holla ((if you guys ever need top secret photos come to us bcuz we got many!!))

  2. Cocomojoe says:

    liked youtube clip – real, not polished – and he was good

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