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andrew hales prank

Andrew Hales new prank gave a whole new meaning to that saying back when we were five-years-old – “STOP MIMICKING ME.” Hales latest prank involved him and his friends going up to random strangers in Salt Lake by City Creek, and asking for directions, except, repeating the directions as they were given.

The Prankmeister refuses to take no for an answer when an older woman tries to shrug him off, claiming the directions to Macy’s is “just keep going.” In true stalker-like fashion, he follows her, and gets her to repeat the directions until she sounds like a broken record. I swear you can see the anger bottling in the woman’s eyes as he tries to stay in character.

Prank-master Hales has struck before, pulling pranks like stealing peoples phones, and hugging random strangers.

Watch the video below 

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