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Mariah Carey brings a six-year-old who was named after her on stage

Posted on January 5, 2013 by

Being named after a superstar certainly has its perks.  While performing a concert in Sydney, Australia on January 3, Mariah Carey invited a six-year-old named Mariah Cini on stage upon finding out that the little girl was named after her.

During a break between songs, Carey asked Cini if she could look at her ensemble.  Complimenting her with, “Your outfit is very pretty. That is pink and it’s gorgeous!”,  Carey added that she she hated that she was the only one with the name Mariah growing up and now she’s excited to see other girls with the same name.

According to Contact Music, Cini’s father Chris met Carey during a concert in Australia in 1998 and decided to name his daughter after the songstress. “Mariah Carey is truly a beautiful, genuine person. She’s protective of her fans and she’s not above herself at all. I knew when we were having a baby girl that she would be my Mariah Grace,” he said.

“I’ve always liked her, from when I was born, basically,” Mariah Cini added. “Dad always said if she came back [to Australia] we’d go to visit her and I couldn’t believe it. I know I’m one of the luckiest fans in Australia.”

Mariah Carey may be a diva, but she’s humble and certainly knows how to treat her fans right. What a class act!

 Watch the video here:

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