Trends: Bodacious Curly Hair and Geometric Patterns

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TREND: Over the Top Curls

If you’ve been following Beyoncé on Instagram as obsessively as I am, you’ll notice how Bey went from straight and sleek to bodacious curls in her latest #WIWT (what I wore today) shots.

The over the top and full of volume style must be an inspiration (and a relief) for those who are have natural curly hair. No longer do we need to fuss over straighteners and hair clips—we can just stick to our favourite moisturizing conditioners to get the look we want. Just don’t use the brush too often and find a good gel/mousse/cream (or whatever concoction you find works best! To each their own) to keep those beautiful curls intact. And for those who have naturally straight hair, don’t forget to use a heat protectant when curling your tresses—you don’t want to fry your hair in the process!

TREND: Geometric Prints

Thanks to the creative mind of Marc Jacobs, I can’t help but love all the geometric prints over at Louis Vuitton. It’s like he moved from the Mad Men conservative style of fifties to the swinging sixties, more specifically swinging London. I also love how chic AnnaSophia Robb also looks in a Marc Jacobs geometric print sweater in the newest Teen Vogue. I can’t wait to pick up some great monochromatic pieces in the future!

 WTF?: Condom wedding dress

A restaurant called “Cabbages and Condoms” was developed in Bangkok, Thailand as part of a plan to raise awareness of safe sex, HIV/AIDS and family planning. Not only are prophylactics a part of the name, they’re also integral to the restaurant’s décor as condoms from around the world add some, um, interesting points of interests. No, they aren’t used to make balloon animals but instead costumes such as a wedding dress. Yes, a wedding dress.

I wonder if the creator was trying to debunk the whole “you ain’t getting any” saying that surrounds marriage. Or is the happy couple supposed to use all of the condoms whilst on their honeymoon? How cheeky! I’d advised against it though because of the general wear and tear it would go through during the ceremony and reception, not to mention they’re probably expired. Safe sex, y’all!

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