Maximus Thor is back with another classic

Posted on January 3, 2013 by

Six-year-old Maximus Thor is back with another epic video, featuring him destroying an evil, recycled, cardboard robot. In the new video, which was posted on Jan. 2, Maximus’ father is overtaken by Herobrine, the Minecraft icon and his son swears vengeance.

Maximus’ dad Benjamin Barack writes grown up scripts with a kiddy-twist and has his son act out the scenes. Then he dubs over his son’s voice to make it sound like he’s some 20-something-year-old badass bro. Previously, we saw Maximus  “grub up” before his playdate with Samantha but feels disrespected when the McDonad’s employee talks to Banjo (his dad) instead of Maximus.

Watch it here

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