Tumblr Tuesday: Bring on 2013!

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Recover from last night’s party

Whether you were celebrating with friends, family, or woke up with the person you met last night, it’s time to get back to reality. School starts back next week and you probably have a work shift to get to. 2012 was fun while it lasted, but make sure 2013 is even more memorable! [getinmystockingleo]

Be kinder to others

Okay admit it, Mean Girls is hands down one of your favourite movies, am I right? Even though the whole flick is hilarious, you could learn a few lessons. If there’s a new student transferring from Africa (or anywhere else) be the bigger person and let them sit with you! In the end, nobody likes a “Regina George.” [photographyxox]

Cut down on the calories 

I get it. That chocolate bar is tempting. Those chips are addicting. Those cookies smell so fresh. But guess what, 6-months down the line will be summer and you’re gunna be kicking yourself wishing you DIDN’T eat what you did months ago. Be prepared to show off that beach bod. [debramorgan]

Start off your new semester with a bang

If your marks weren’t where you wished they could have been this school year, you have a new semester to reach your goals. Try going to bed earlier so you don’t doze off in class, buy an agenda to remember when assignments are due, and cut down on the social networking ie. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr. It’s hard but the end result will be worth your sacrifices! [starrifythis]

Express yourself!

Are you part of the shy crowd at school, where you kind of just blend in with everyone else? Why not join different clubs and get to know more people? It’ll only make your school experience more memorable and people will remember you for being yourself! Plus you’ll find others who have the same interest as you. [corzamann]

Bring back some (good) memories

The other day I coincidentally found a whole box of my CD collection. These days I usually buy all my music straight from iTunes and it’s stored in my iPhone or laptop. I missed it! Not gunna lie, I was kinda embarrassed with what artists were in there but I’m not gunna say that I didn’t import some of them in my iTunes…VIVA FOREVER! [4dele]

Get that passport ready

Sometimes it gets pretty boring in the same town, city, or country. Venture out and discover new places, cultures and sightsee around some of the most iconic places in the world. If you start now, you might actually pull off one of the best summer vacations yet. [yeahthathappened]

Face your fears

Leave your fears in the past and do something that you never dreamed of actually accomplishing before. [thatluserr]

Bring your own lunch

Think about all the times you went out (for other reasons) and ended up craving Starbucks or McDonalds. Of course you couldn’t resist and ended up buying food from there. Or when you’re at work and have a lunch break. Why didn’t you bring left overs from the night before or make something before you left? Add up all that money and you’ll definitely be surprised with how much you spent when it’s not even necessary. [love-food]

Find true love…or let it find you

One of the highest New Years resolutions is to find true love. Okay, maybe you can hope for it, but I believe that those kinda things just come to you when you least expect it. [my-teen-quote]

And get rid of those who played you wrong 

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