Top 10 movies to watch while hungover on New Years

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10. Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone

If Harry Potter doesn’t make you happy, then I have no words for you. Seeing the heartwarming face of Hagrid, or witnessing the blossoming friendship of the Trio is enough to cure a hangover. The nostalgia of your Potter childhood is enough to give you butterflies — and not the kind that will only worsen the feelings in your stomach. Just take note to not follow up this movie with The Chamber of Secrets. You know, that scene when Ron throws up the slugs…


9. Drop Dead Gorgeous

You might not know of this film, but you will at some point in your lifetime. Drop Dead Gorgeous is both horrifying and hilarious at the same time. I suggest this as a hangover cure because it’s kind of like the gem on pageant mockery. Seeing the way these girls battle it out for the top title of pageant glory will take your mind off of your own sad state. If you don’t get around to watching the film, just sit back and be mesmerized by this gif from the movie:


8. Toy Story

Toy Story is a film that lives in the hearts of everyone who is legally old enough to drink. Watching this movie whilst hungover will make you forget all of your worries and remember that you have a friend in Woody and Buzz. It might also inspire you to dig up some old childhood toys and cuddle your nausea away. That, or you can slowly fall asleep during the movie and slumber away to a happy place.


7. Lost in Translation

Lost In Translation earned director Sofia Coppola a lot of attention for her notorious dreamy visuals and uncanny writing. Some of the scenes of Bill Murray are hilarious, but with an undertone of sadness. Amongst basically every Sofia Coppola film, Lost In Translation is good for a hangover because it has beautiful, sleepy music with lovely visuals that will sooth your mind and ease you into a deep sleep.


6. Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink is the kind of movie where you really, truly want to cheer for the main character to find happiness. Following Andy (and her adorable sidekick, Duckie) will give you some purpose and motivation during an otherwise hopeless time. It’ll also motivate you to get off the couch and completely DIY your entire wardrobe to look like Andy’s and/or Duckie’s.


5. Mean Girls

The question is, when ISN’T it ever a good time to watch Mean Girls? Of course, you know every line, every expression, and every comedic pause that occurs in this cinematic gem. So instead of being a bump on a bump lying on your couch, you’ll at least be reciting the classic lines in Mean Girls. You’ll also have Janice Ian to discourage you from any future hangovers.


4. The Social Network

The Social Network is the type of film that will stimulate your brain. Its quick wit and fast-paced lines will hold your concentration (and whatever else in your stomach) for a few hours. It also might discourage you from logging onto Facebook and seeing evidence of last night’s regret.


3. Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite is so mind-numbingly pointless, it will require very little of your hungover attention. On the other hand, it’s also side-splittingly hilarious, so it could possibly single-handedly cure your hangover. Napoleon Dynamite gets up to so many shenanigans just trying to fight off the school bullies. Seeing his many (often weird and random) accomplishments will make you want to say “forget this hangover” and then conquer the world. Heck yes!


2. The Wizard of Oz

This might seem like a completely random way to cure a hangover, but hear me out. The Wizard of Oz is like a treasure trove of happiness because of its magical colours and famous songs. The film will for sure stimulate your fried brain after a long night of partying. The best part is that the film’s heroine, Dorothy, reminds us all that there’s no place like home. This statement will comfort you after a wild New Years Eve.


1. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Lord of the Rings makes the number one spot on this list for endless reasons. Primarily, the length of the film is enough to lull you into a nice sedation. The film is so addicting that you will be practically forced to watch the rest of the LOTR movies, which will keep you occupied for your entire hangover. By the end of it all, you can give your self a nice round of Hobbit-esque applause.


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