The best pranks of 2012

Posted on December 28, 2012 by

I have been scarred for life many times by things I’ve seen on the Internet, but the worst involved a prank video. I can’t even mention what the prank was or what it involved because the outcome was too horrible to mention. Which is why I find it curious that people are literally obsessed with pranking each other. Maybe I’m just a scaredy cat, but can’t the outcomes of pranks be unpredictably dangerous?

failarmy has compiled a compilation of the best pranks that took place this year. Some have true comedic merit, but others are just plain wrong. The “static shock fainting” prank is borderline offensive for its mockery of a serious health issue. Maybe I’m just taking this whole prank thing too seriously for what the Internet has to offer. At least the compilation has a fair balance of offensive and witty. Cue the age-old flatulence pranks.

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