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Five Best Dressed: Your Fashion MVPs of 2012*

Posted on December 26, 2012 by

*When I mean 2012, I mean since August 1st because that is when I started doing this best dressed list. So let’s look back and celebrate those stylish celebs who have turned it out and made us want to jump them and rip the clothes off their back! So I’m going to count down the winners starting with #5!

#5: Solange Knowles

Beyoncé’s lil’ sis snags the fifth spot on our list because she has proven to be one of the most fashion forward celebs out there. She doesn’t win the top spot because she has only appeared on this list once, but there have been countless times where she has barely missed out on being on the list. In all honesty I would have Solange on the list every week but that is just borderline obsessive. So you’re welcome that I have managed to control myself in not turning this list into “What Solange Knowles is wearing this week.” Also I give Ms. Knowles snaps for turning out one of the best sartorial music videos of the year for her song “Losing You” it’s amazing!

Sidenote: check out big sis Beyoncé and brother-in-law Jay-Z  who made the list as a couple, what a stylish family!

#4: Kiernan Shipka

The young Mad Men actress was not on my radar until I started writing this list. Because to be honest I don’t watch ‘Mad Men’ which I know is sacrilege but I just don’t have the time to invest in such a slow-burning show. I’ll probably get into the critically acclaimed show until after it ends and will hate myself for not getting into it sooner, this is what happened to me with ‘Friday Night Lights’. Anyways Shipka has blown me away with her age-appropriate and fun fashion which is why she has landed on this list three times.

Runner-up look: Shipka goes Mod in this look and it marks her first time on this list.

#3: Taylor Swift

Swift wins the award for Best Dressed Musician as she has appeared on this list five times! This has been a major year for Swift as she has released her critically acclaimed CD ‘Red’ and has had some major relationship highs and lows. I also love how consistent Swift is with her style, her looks have all had a retro feel to them and she makes it work. She would make a perfect guest star on ‘Mad Men’ along fellow best dressed lister Kiernan Shipka.

Runner up-look: Swift has made red lips her signature and it goes perfect with the ‘Red’ theme of her hit album.

#2: Robert Pattinson

Pattinson wins the award for Best Dressed Male as he was the most featured male on this list, and he has appeared more often than some female celebs some that’s a major coup! Pattinson is not really known for being a fashionable celebrity but he knows how to turn it out on the red carpet and for major promotional events. The final ‘Twilight’ film was a major factor in Pattinson’s fashion success as he mostly landed on this list while on tour to promote ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2″.

Runner-up look: Pattinson looks good in blue as this was a major colour for him since there are three blue looks from him.

#1: Kristen Stewart

Stewart wins the award for Best Dressed Celebrity as she has appeared on this list more than any other celebrity beating out Robert Pattinson and Taylor Swift on this list by one look. Are you surprised? Well you shouldn’t be since this has been an important year for Stewart as she travelled the world promoting the final ‘Twilight’ film and is now busy promoting her new film ‘On The Road’ too. This has been a controversial year and am sure Stewart will want to get 2012 behind her but she has more than just a cheating scandal to remember this year for, she has come out of her troubles all the more stronger (well in a fashion sense anyways) and she gets to finally leave Twilight’s Bella in the dust.

Runner-up look: Kristen Stewart and Balenciaga make a good mix and with this look and her Zuhair Murad dress she managed to make the list twice in one week!

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