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10 best photobombs of 2012

Posted on December 26, 2012 by

Ryan Seacrest photobombing Gary Lineker

Ryan Seacrest photobombing Gary Lineker

Dog photobombs at the most awkward time

The dog who photobombed the sexy photoshoot

Pig man photobombs Paris Hilton

The time a pig man photobombed Paris Hilton

Kids photobomb Obama with surprise kiss

The kids who photobombed the President with a surprise kiss.

Live-action basketball photobomb

The 30 Most Powerful Photobombs Of The Year

Tina Fey bomb

Tina Feytobomb

The infamous sting ray

Celebrity photobomber 

This incredibly talented celebrity photobomber

And again

Scary photobomb

The scariest photobomb ever

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