Henri the Existential cat tries to celebrate Christmas

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Henri the Existential Cat was visited in his dreams this Noel by three distinct cats, who each had a lesson for him much like Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. First comes a young cat whom Henri deems far to simple minded to learn anything from. Next is an outdoor cat who seems to know a lot about the world. Henri learns to appreciate the small things in life such as the fact that he’s alive and he’s not a dog. Finally comes the older cat, who has taught Henri some of the most important lessons throughout the years: “Never let them [the people] pet you. Never expose your belly. Never sit on a lap voluntarily.”

Still Henri can see in the older cat’s eyes he needs approval from humanoids and becomes even more depressed that this might be his inevitable future.

Henri is now a big star and has one a slew of awards but he’s still not letting the fame get to his head — I mean, he’s always been kind of self-righteous. The new video “The Worst Noel” isn’t very merry but it’s about as cheery as you can expect from the cat.

His previous videos include him going to the vet, warding off an admirer, and commenting on Halloween.

Watch it here

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