Trends: Plaid and fancy PJs

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TREND: Plaid

Inspiration: Kate Middleton

Plaid has been making big moves this season. The print isn’t just the sole property of cozy flannel shirts anymore — it’s popping up on skirts, blazers and pants, all perfect for your next holiday party. It’s even more exciting to browse through the racks when there’s a large variety of plaids and colour combinations to choose from. It’s sleek, it’s fun and a great alternative to the holiday sequin.

TREND: Fancy Pants Pyjamas

Inspiration: David Beckham’s gift to Victoria Beckham

Take a cue from David Beckham’s not-so-secret gift for wife Posh/Victoria Beckham, and indulge in a fancy set of pyjamas. After a long night of parties and fun, it’s the perfect comfy outfit to spend all those mornings after in. Don’t worry about dropping too much cash—there are a number of brands and labels putting out some great sets just in time for Christmas. If you want to stay in something homey for yet another holiday dinner or get together, try a pajama-styled blouse. The sleek spring trend continues to have legs even after all the leaves have fallen.

WTF: Expensive Leather Bear


I really do love Alexander Wang and am very much looking forward to seeing what he will do for french fashion label, Balenciaga. What I don’t love is this leather bear. There’s nothing cuddly about the bear at all, especially the $225 price tag. His sherling chest seems soft enough but please remember how terrible it is trying to sleep on a leather couch—you stick to it and it hurts like hell when you finally get off of it. So no, not cuddly whatsoever. Between this and designer skateboard decks (as a skating fan: blech), it’s safe to say I’m not a huge fan of typical items made luxurious because their over the top price tags are hardly practical. Nice try Wang, but I’m not buying it.

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