One Direction get inspired by Elvis in “KIss You” video

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Once upon a time, there was this really beautiful man named Elvis who made his fans LITERALLY swoon when he performed. You might have heard of him. If not, that’s okay, because the modern-day swooners of our time have taken inspiration from Elvis’ “Jail House Rock” for their upcoming music video. Of course, I’m talking about One Direction.


The boy band has been teasing their fans for the past few days with snippets of their latest single “Kiss You.” Based on the footage from the Bring Me to 1D contest, the guys are seen doing strange things on a motorcycle, prancing around in a jail, and dancing on surf boards. This all makes sense.


In the meantime, whilst we wait anxiously for the full video to come out, the guys have blessed us with a convenient lyric video for the song. And I will be conveniently humming this to myself for the rest of my life in a non-apologetic manner.

Listen to “Kiss You” here:

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