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HITS AND MISSES: Kelly Clarkson, Ke$ha and more

Posted on December 20, 2012 by

In the world of celebrity news, there’s no shortage of hits and misses. This week, Kelly Clarkson gets engaged and Ke$ha claims she was forced to sing her latest hit, “Die Young.”

HIT: Kelly Clarkson gets engaged

Clarkson is one of the few stars by way of reality show that can make me go, “aww, you’re so sweet!” She’s simply seems like instant best friend material and I don’t even listen to her music! Obviously, we’re over the moon when the ever-so-adorable Clarkson announced she was engaged to her boyfriend Brandon Blackstock on Saturday. Then our jaws dropped when she shared a photo of her gigantic yellow canary diamond engagement ring. Congrats, Kelly!

MISS: Ke$ha claims she didn’t write “Die Young”

On the heels of her song “Die Young” being pulled from airwaves in response to the Newtown elementary school shooting, Ke$ha claimed over Twitter, “I had my very own issue with ‘die young’ for this reason. I did NOT want to sing those lyrics and I was FORCED TO.” She later deleted the tweet and replaced it with calmer apology. Just for the record, Ke$ha is listed as one of the song’s writers, alongside fun.’s Nate Ruess. So, what does it feel like to have that songwriter’s check in the bank, Ke$ha?

HIT: Chris Pratt shows off his Zero Dark Thirty body

Chris Pratt plays the slubby, clueless Andy on Amy Poehler’s Parks and Recreations. Pratt is also in the upcoming action drama Zero Dark Thirty and brought a phone selfie of himself onto Conan off his Seal team physique. Who knew that THIS was under all the flannel? I can totally see why Anna Ferris married you.

MISS: Gossip Girl is finally revealed and it’s…

Dan, the outsider. The show’s story lines are barely coherent anymore, so why not? I’ve basically given up on trying decipher what has been going on the show. I did appreciate the Kristen Bell and Michael Bloomberg (New York City’s mayor) cameos! Thanks, Gossip Girl, for the years of sartorial inspiration!

HIT: Shaun White cuts his hair for charity

Snowboarder Shaun White looks less like a flying tomato as the famous ginger cut most of his locks off for the Locks of Love charity. The result is an overall improvement to his usual dirtbag look made even better with a selfless act.

MISS: Lindsay Lohan is available for weddings and bar mitzvah

I don’t know what’s worse: knowing that your career is tanking or is literally in the toilet, which is sadly the reality Lindsay Lohan has to deal with this week.TMZ reported the actress clogged up the toilet on the set of Scary Movie 5. Outside of her plumbing fiasco, Page Six is reporting a talent agency claiming to represent Lohan wants everyone to know that the actress is available for weddings and bar mitzvahs. Well, she has to find a way to pay for all those Chanel bags and travel expenses chasing The Wanted’s Max down, right?


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