3 X-Factor performances you have to see from the finale

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By Jessica Galang

This is it: The last show of the season and the last chance for finalists Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose Sonenclar and Tate Stevens to impress America and the judges. Each of the contestants had a chance to perform alone with their “song of the season”, a song that each artist felt was their best of the whole show, and perform a duet with a celebrity. Fifth Harmony was paired with Demi Lovato, Tate Stevens was paired with Little Big Town, and Carly Rose Sonenclar was paired with LeAnn Rimes.  Their final song towards the end of the show was supposed to be “worth $5 million.”

In a special performance dedicated to the victims of the Sandy Hook shootings, all of the former contestants came together at the beginning of the show and sang “You are Not Alone,” while the names of all the victims appeared on the screen. It’s touching when a huge production like X-Factor gives back.

All of my favourites happen to be from each contestant’s last performance of the night. Perhaps because all of the contestants realized “Holy crap, this is my last song.” They all really belted it out for this performance.

Here are my three picks:

Fifth Harmony — “Let it Be” by The Beatles ($5 million song)

While I enjoyed their “Anything Could Happen” performance, they’ve performed that song so many times that I’m just done with it (okay, I know, it was only twice). I felt like this song showed their individual vocal talents, while at the same time allowing them to sing together in classic Fifth Harmony fashion. I have to agree with the judges that Fifth Harmony have come really far in the competition and aren’t as boring as I originally thought. “You guys really did this song a lot of justice.” LA said. Simon Cowell, the girls’ mentor, said he’s beyond proud and that they deserve to win the competition.

Tate Stevens – “Tomorrow” by Chris Young ($5 million song)

Although his performance with Little Big Town was fun and energetic, it looked like an awkward high school talent show. I thought his song of the season, “Anything Goes,” was really well done and I was originally going to pick that for my favourite, but this one just overshadowed it. You can always see in his face and his strong stage presence how badly he wants to win. “I genuinely believe that in a year’s time we’ll be hearing about your record sales. You’ve had a really good night.” Simon said. Twitter user @CrystalCama12 tweeted: His final performance and he still never fails to give me goosebumps. Simply amazing! @tatestevensctry #TateNation.”

Carly Rose Sonenclar – “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen ($5 million song)

If the production team at X Factor wanted to make Carly Rose an angel, they did absolutely that. She was stunning and looked very mature in her long white gown. The white drapes and backup singers dressed in white added to the heavenly effect. The song didn’t have to be upbeat or exciting. Although it was understated, it was captivating. Did you hear her vocalize!? Unreal. Demi said “You not only looked like an angel, you sang like a ridiculously talented angel.” Singer @JesseMcCartney tweeted “Hope you guys are voting for @CarlyRoseMusic tonight on X-Factor!!! You’re crazy if you don’t!”

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