Haylor gets a tattoo. Seriously.

Posted on December 19, 2012 by

The fun never ends for Haylor. Harry Styles has added yet another tattoo to his body, but this one has just a slightly different significance. His belle, Taylor Swift was in the vicinity what the ink graced his ever-muscular frame.

After getting a (slightly random) tattoo of a pirate ship on his arm, tattoo artist Freddy Negrete posted a photo of the tat on Instagram. Something tells me he’s going to get a whole new clientele of One Direction fans asking for “I <3 Zayn” tattoos. That, or pirate ships.

The Internet is obviously going to have lots to say about this, especially in light of Taylor Swift’s recent video release of “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Is it just me, or is it ironic that the singer is seen sitting by her beau’s side as he gets a tattoo? Maybe this is foreshadowing, maybe not. I personally believe that this is just another cute outing between the two. Let’s brace ourselves for the never ending blossoming of Haylor.

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